Anaphylaxis is a disease with a bad prognosis if there are no immediate treatments. Current anaphylaxis home treatment for those who have anaphylaxis is not available. The immediate treatment should be done medically.

But don’t worry because the best anaphylaxis home treatment is prevention. The anaphylaxis home treatment for anaphylaxis is so much easy to do; you can read this article – Anaphylaxis Home Treatment – so that you can treat anaphylaxis at home.

You Know What Anaphylaxis Is?

If you want to get medications for anaphylaxis, you have to know what anaphylaxis is. So anaphylaxis definition is a severe allergy. The anaphylaxis usually involves respiratory distress. Anaphylaxis could threaten life because it can accelerate vascular collapse, the patient with anaphylaxis could be systemic shock.

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Anaphylaxis Causes

There are only two causes of anaphylaxis. If you have an allergic history, you need to avoid all of these anaphylaxis causes.

Systemic exposure of medicine

If you have an allergic reaction toward medicine, it could stimulate the immune system to attack the allergen (a medicine). The most medicine that cause anaphylaxis is in antibiotic type (Penicillin).

Sensitive Substance Exposure

Beside medicine, there are many substances like foods, hormone, local anesthesia, serum, or vaccine that lead to allergic reaction.

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Anaphylaxis Home Treatment

Just like what we’ve said before in first paragraph, there is no home treatment for anaphylaxis. Although anaphylaxis home treatment is not recommended for anaphylaxis, yet it still can be used as a prevention, especially for those who have a history of anaphylaxis.

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Quercetin Supplement

The first anaphylaxis home treatment is by taking quercetine supplement. The risk of anaphylaxis could be prevented by taking quercetin supplements daily. What is a quercetin supplement? It is a type of plant flavonoid and it can protect those who have anaphylaxis history from allergic reaction recurrence.

Quercetin can improve antihistamine function. It should be taken with vitamin C supplements, or high vitamin C fruits.

Zinc Supplement

Zinc is one of the most important mineral in our body. Generally, zinc is available in foods and supplements. Zinc is found in some foods such as wheat germ, beef, liver, sesame seeds, black chocolate, lobster, and crabs.

Some anaphylaxis symptoms could be treated by taking zinc supplements. 30 mg zinc is recommended by taking it daily.


anaphylaxis home treatment; herbs

anaphylaxis home treatment; herbs

Several herbs consist of antihistamine properties that can reduce the risk of anaphylaxis occurrences. They could take immediately after exposure to an allergen.

Some of those herbs are like stinging nettle, licorice, ashwagandha, and Chinese skullcap.


Anaphylaxis is a dangerous condition that needs immediate treatment. Unfortunately, nowadays there is no anaphylaxis home treatment. It means that you have to be aware of medical help as soon as possible to safe life.

Don’t worry about unavailability of home treatment. The best treatment for anaphylaxis is prevention, so the anaphylaxis home treatment could take some supplements such as herbs, zinc, and quercetin.

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