What is an anaphylaxis kits? And how to do we use it? It is a common question about anaphylaxis kits. So today we are going to talk about it. It is likely not everyone knew what is anaphylaxis kits and how to use it.

What is Anaphylaxis?

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In breif, anaphylaxis is a severe allergy. It can occur to everyone. We should aware of it, and we have to prevent it. For those who have allergic history, even mild allergy could develop or become threaten-life.

Prepare your Self for Anaphylaxis

Yes, you cannot avoid all of you allergen. That’s why you need to talk to your doctors about what your allergens are. Be prepared of it and you have to know the sign and symptoms of anaphylaxis.

Knowing your first treatment of anaphylaxis is important for you. Ask your doctors if anaphylaxis kits can be prescribed as prevention.

Anaphylaxis kits should always be available.

Anaphylaxis Kits

Anaphylaxis kits are prescription. These kits have few different types. It is special for people with allergy. Allergy is unique, every single person has its own allergy. But the most common allergy because of foods, insect bite or sting, or even weather.

The most common victims of anaphylaxis are children. Sometime they have so much painful severe allergy sign and symptoms, even stop breathing. This is a big warning for parents. Anaphylaxis kits must be available in home.

Because of this kits are prescription medicine, you cannot buy these kits in supermarket. It needs doctors prescription. Because it is a prescription product.

What is Inside Anaphylaxis Kits?

So what is inside the kits? It is usually consisted of two or one syringe(s) and it contains many products. There are two types of anaphylaxis kits here. The types based on the user.

For Common People

The kits for common people is EPIPEN Kits. This is designed for common people with having allergic history or based on doctors prescription.

You can use this anaphylaxis kits, read the instruction inside the kits. The EPIPEN Kits consist of:

  • Epipen anaphylaxis medicine (epinephrine)
  • Latex gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Alc0h0l swap.

For Health Care Professional

These kits is specialized for anaphylaxis case only. It is designed specifically by use by health care professional. Anaphylaxis Kits for Health Care Pro consists of:

  • Pocket mask
  • Guedel Airways (set of 6)
  • Sharps Container
  • Alc0h0l swap
  • Syringe (2ml)
  • Hypodermic Needle (25ga)
  • Trauma Shears
  • Diagnostic Penlight
  • Sphyg
  • Sprague Stethoscope
  • A pair of Gloves.

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Keep Your Kits Fresh

So anaphylaxis kits is an important product that will try to help open up the airway because of the allergic reaction-Guedel. Then the epinephrine medicine could calm down the reaction that you or your children having.

The epinephrine is injectable. If you have allergic sign and symptoms and lead to anaphylaxis shock, you can inject it directly into your outer thigh. The injection should reach the muscle. After the injection you should call 9-1-1 or emergency responder nearby so that you can get to the hospital for better anaphylaxis treatment.


Anaphylaxis kits is an emergency medication that use only for emergency situation. Then you should check the date on them because they do expire. You have to make sure you have a fresh set available.

A lot of people carry the kits in their purse, at home as well. Just in case when they are out or found something happens, they have it readily available.