Online anaphylaxis training? Is that really necessary? The online training usually is designed to help learners understand more about what anaphylaxis is, what the symptoms of anaphylaxis, and how to help a person with anaphylaxis shock.

Online anaphylaxis training usually provides an information about anaphylaxis. The training bases on online. So the learners get and absorb the information through internet. The online trainers provide texts or videos about anaphylaxis and upload it via internet, so the learners can read the information about it.

Online anaphylaxis training; video and texts

Online anaphylaxis training; video and texts

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What is Anaphylaxis?

So, anaphylaxis is the most common problem in society. People get this anaphylaxis easier because not every one can understand or know their allergy. Anaphylaxis is a type of allergy that can threaten life. This severe allergic reaction occurs very quickly. Only a couple of minutes (15 minutes) of allergen exposure, the allergy could be deathly.

Why should we care about Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis can be caused by many things — we called here allergen. Anaphylaxis is triggered by food (peanuts, shrimp, or shellfish, for example), insect bite or sting (like bee), medication (antibiotic such as penicillin), latex (the type of rubber in many balloons or gloves), or a variety allergic triggers.

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Anaphylaxis is a name of allergic reaction toward allergens such as bees sting, shrimps, peanuts, or variety allergic triggers. Based on the anaphylaxis definition above; Anaphylaxis is a type of allergy that can threaten life. This severe allergic reaction occurs very quickly. Only a couple of minutes (15 minutes) of allergen exposure, the allergy could be deathly.

It means that the anaphylaxis is the most dangerous allergy for many people. Wrong procedure during first aid of anapylaxis will harm life.

Every one can have allergy, including you. You have to know what is anaphylaxis, signs and symptoms, and how to do first aid of anaphylaxis shock. To prevent the mortality of anaphylaxis, there are many institutions that provide online anaphylaxis training. The price is varied, from free training to certain dollars to get the training.

For paid training, they provide relevant and a good course for learners. Not only that, but they also provide a certificate for the learners who completed the course or training. It is quite different with free training, because free anaphylaxis training have limited futures for the learners. They tend to aims learners to pay for some futures.

Online Anaphylaxis Training

Online Anaphylaxis Training Advantages

Online anaphylaxis certificate

Online anaphylaxis certificate

  • The online anaphylaxis training is suitable for anyone who works with live or cares for people with anaphylaxis.
  • The online anaphylaxis training is easy to do. Just switch on your computer and read, and follow the tutorial.
  • The online anaphylaxis training could be completed for days to weeks. No need to be in a school or something like that.
  • On successful completion of the online anaphylaxis training, there is certificate through the post. This certificate can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit. In addition, the training have accredited by healthcare institution such as like Continous Professional Development (CPD).

Online Anaphylaxis Training Disadventages

  • If it is online training, it means that there is no instructor or teacher.
  • The learners require university personnel or healthcare professional to witness that learners have demonstrated correct use of auto-injector (Epipen Anaphylaxis) .
  • The learners should be guided by the teacher about how to do first aid. Wrong in practice means wrong in practical help.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergy which can threathen life. Knowing the sign and symptoms and how to do first aid of anaphylaxis are important to reduce the mortality of this allergy. One of the best way is having online anaphylaxis training. You can get some benefits of it. But, you have to consider about the training price which is fit you in.