Acarbose  is a group of antidiabetic medication, especially type 2 diabetes mellitus. Its function is to control blood sugar level through reduce carbohydrate absorbtion in gut and change it to be a simple form of sugar. Acarbose sometime easy to remember based on its doses, acarbose 50 mg. It mean that this 50 mg become one of the most effective doses for diabetes mellitus.

This medicine help reduce blood sugar after meal. Beside change meal pattern and exercise, all of patient with diabetes should take acarbose 50 mg as a diabetes treatment.

To control diabetes, acarbose should take and combine with other medicines like insulin, metformin, and sulfonylurea. If the blood sugar level can be controlled, patient with diabetes can prevent organ damage like kidney failure, stroke, blindness, nerves damages, and heart attack.

This is very important that acarbose 50 mg is not for under 18 years old patient, and it should be prescribed as doctor’s prescription.

Acarbose 50 mg Detail

Group         : Antidiabetes

Category    : Prescription medicine

Indication   : Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Availability : Tablet


  • Woman who want to pregnant or still in pregnancy, and lactating women are prohibited consume acarbose 50 mg.
  • Be careful of using acarbose if you have kidney failure, heart attacks, hernia, gastritis, intestine problemes, and gut obstruction.
  • Acarbose is not recommended for under 18 years old patient.
  • If you have an allergic reaction toward acarbose, see doctor immediately.

Acarbose Doses

Generally, acarbose doses in early treatment is about 50 mg to 150 mg daily. If the patient’s body respond is good, then in 6 to 8 days the doses should increased to be 150 mg daily.

To get optimum effects of acarbose, patient should take acarbose regularly and adjusted with diabetes meal pattern.

Instruction for Acarbose 50 mg

  1. Make sure you had read guideline from acarbose sachet and follow the doctor’s suggestion in taking acarbose. Do not add or reduce the doses without doctor’s permission.
  2. Take this medicine right before eat your first meal, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Do not consume carbohydrate foods and drinks coincide with acarbose, because it can cause diarrhea or stomachache.
  4. Control your blood sugar level regularly. Ask the doctor if you do a certain activity that can influence blood sugar like exercise, work, etc.
  5. Make sure you have enough range time between one doses to next doses. Take acarbose 50 mg right in time to maximize the effect of acarbose.
  6. For patient that forgot taking acarbose before meal, lunch, or dinner, do not take acarbose between meal time and do not take double doses of acarbose.

Side Effect of Acarbose 50 mg

Acarbose 50 mg has different effect for some people. The most common acarobose side effects are like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomachache
  • Gut problems
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea and vomit

The rarest acarbose 50 mg side effects are like swollen in lips, face, and tongue.

See the doctor immediately if you have muscle pain. If the side effects is still continue in long time, disturb activity, and make allergic reaction, see the nearby doctors immediately.