If we heard of AIDS, perhaps we could be afraid of it. In our mind, AIDS is an “UNCURE DISEASE”. Right! HIV/AIDS is an uncured disease, so how about the medicine development for AIDS till today? It might be a big question for us. What were scientists doing to cure AIDS?

Almost 40 years of researches, scientists’ struggle to fight HIV/AIDS, and how’s the progress of it?

In 1990s, we might heard of HIV/AIDS epidemic in every media, newspaper, news, etc. it means that there are a lot of people are infected by HIV. And we become afraid of irrational things such as toilet sit, kissing, and many things.

If we don’t listen or see the news or a poster about HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS is as if  it is gone. But HIV/AIDS is one of disease that we should worry about it globally. Until today, more than 39 million people passed away because of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

Medicine therapy is only for elongating live span. But this therapy is so expensive and it is not the solution for HIV/AIDS therapy. What we need is HIV vaccine (to prevent HIV/AIDS) and the cure AIDS. So how close are we in discovering HIV/AIDS medicines?

There is only one person that is cured from HIV56. His name is Timothy Ray Brown. In 2007, he was undergone a cancer therapy and accidentally he was cured from HIV/AIDS. Scientists was not understand why and how this is happening.

After 40 years fighting this virus, with only one cured from HIV/AIDS (accidentally and with no explanation why and how), scientist are still learning how to cure AIDS.

While scientists learn how HIV works, they need to find out how to eradicate it and specifically cure AIDS. Eradicating HIV is easy to say but difficult to do.

Just like what we have learned it from our school, HIV is a RNA virus. RNA virus usually infect cells and change the cell DNA. So the challenge is how to discover medicine that effective in eradicating HIV with no harm for cells.American Football

In 1996, scientists made antiretroviral combination therapy, yet HIV is difficult to eradicate. It is like an American football squad who surround the enemy, HIV/AIDS medicines work together to stop HIV infection pathway.

Now is a big progress to cure HIV/AIDS after HIV/AIDS infected millions of people, men or women. Now they can elongate their life span by taking antiretroviral. While doctors find out the most effective therapy for AIDS.

In Summary, We are Close Enough to Cure AIDS!

HIV/AIDS is a disease with no cure. Scientists worked hard to discover the cure of AIDS. This is really difficult because HIV replicate easily and the immune system could not handle it well.

In 2017, the cure for HIV/AIDS is only to elongate the life span of HIV/AIDS patients. HIV/AIDS patients can live normally with antiretroviral therapy, but the virus must be completely eradicated. Hope there is cure for AIDS one day. We just wait and pray!