Acute Coronary Syndrome Definition

Perhaps you still don’t understand of Acute Coronary Syndrome Definition. Let’s have a look to acute coronary syndrome words. First word is “Acute”, which mean condition that occur suddently, in short time, and it usually shows serious disturbances, to describe pain scale. Acute used to describe severe and sharp pain.

Then the second word of acute coronary syndrome is “Coronary”. Coronary is part of bloodstem in our body. The location for coronary is specific and it is on heart muscle. The function of this artery is to supply heart muscle with oxygen and nutrition so that the heart muscle still contract well to maintain homeostatic.

The syndrome means is a cluster of clinical characteristics, signs, symptoms, and phenomena. All of them ensure doctors to diagnose a disease.

Then what is acute coronary syndrome? Acute coronary syndrome definition is a decompression of blood supply into heart that occur suddently.

Acute coronary syndrome definition is easy to understand, please read for more here.

Myocardial infarction acute, include ST-segment elevation (STEMI), non ST-segment elevation (NSTEMI), and unstable angina nowadays knew as part of clinical disease called acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

Rupture or erosion plaque –an unstable substance with high fat level-starts all of these syndromes. The rupture causes adhesion of blood fragment, fibrin clotting form, and trombone activation.

If those condition cannot be handled soon, the mortality level will be high and almost half of sudden death because of MI before hospitalization or an hour after MI attack. The prognosis is better if the patient handle or see the doctors soon.

Some of the symptoms of this acute coronary syndromes are chest pain such as like heart attack, shallow respiration or hard to breath during excercise or even resting, diaphoresis or sweat a lot, vomit, nausea, the pain spread to other body parts like jaw and left hand. The most dangerous of this disease is cardiac arrest that lead to death.

Patient with acute coronary syndrome will get blood test to get heart cell infromation and electrocardiogram (ECG) to get heart electricity condition.

If those diagnosis shows artery obstruction, then the patient must be treated like open artery in first 4 hours after the symptoms. The sooner treatment, the more treatable heart obstruction. Doctors will suggest the patient with ACS to do surgical procedure like angioplasty (Opening the obsturcted coronary artery with a ballon)


Better understanding of the definition of acute coronary syndrome will guide us for better diagnosis, treatment, and how to do best nursing care. The point of acute coronary syndrome definition is on the disturbances in coronary artery that supply blood to heart itself.

Syndrome here means a cluster of many condition related to coronary artery obstruction such as like Myocardium Infarction (MI), ST segment elevation Myocardium Infarction (STEMI), Non ST Elevation Myocardium Infarction (NSTEMI), and unstable Angina.