Anthrax is a disease from herbivore. The main causes of anthrax is from cows, sheep, goat, and horses. Right anthrax nursing care can cure and fasten anthrax treatments.

Anthrax Definiton

Anthrax is an acute bacteria infection that always occur in herbivore like cow, sheep, goat, and horse. This anthrax infects human that has contact with contaminated herbivore, skin, bone, fur, hair, or sheep wool. Anthrax can be a weapon in terrorism and biological wars. Anthrax infection is present in the worldwide. This disease is  most often in developing countries. In human, anthrax occurs in three type of infection like cutaneous, inhalation, and gastrointestinal.

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The main causes of anthrax disease is bacteria. Bacillus anthracite live in the soil as a spore. The bacteria can live for years in spore form. The bacteria can infect humans by transmissions. The transmission into human usually throught:

  • Exposure or touching the anthrax infected herbivores
  • Eating the contaminated flesh
  • Inhalation
  • Contaminated Wound

    Anthrax is from herbivores

    Anthrax is from herbivores; horses, cows, and sheeps

Sign and Symptoms

The anthrax nursing care usually includes assessments. You have to know sign and symptoms of anthrax. The sign and symptoms usually appear in one to seven days after exposure. Then, it can remain in the body for 60 days. Sign and symptoms of anthrax depend on its forms:

  1. Anthrax cutaneous: it starts with small lesion, swollen, and itchy like an insect bite or sting. It will develop become vesicle for 1-2 days. The vesicle becomes smaller or unpainful ulcer with necrotic tissues. This anthrax cutaneous involves lymph gland enlargement. The mortality of this kind of anthrax is about 20% if it does not treat well
  2. Anthrax inhalation: sign and symptoms of this anthrax is like a flu sign and symptoms (not feeling well, fever, headache, myalgia, and respiration problem like dyspnea, stridor, chest pain, and cyanosis)
  3. Gastrointestinal anthrax: acute inflammation in intestine tracts with nausea, vomit, appetite decrease, fever, and develops to abdominal pain, hemaptoe, and severe diarrhea.

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Diagnosis examination

To make sure that the patient is 100% anthrax, I recommend to do diagnosis examination. The diagnosis examinations include;

  • Blood culture, skin lession culture, and sputum can diagnose anthrax well.
  • Blood test can detect anthrax antibody.


Anthrax nursing care combine with medical treatment can get better recovery for the anthrax patients. The medical treatment usually include;

  1. Antibiotics (penicillin, ciprofloxacin, and doxycycline) is effective for anthrax.
  2. After the bacteria exposure, the treatment must be prescribed immeidately.

Anthrax Nursing Care

Here we are in anthrax nursing care. Anthrax nursing care is easy to do. It is only 2 nursing care intervention.

  1. Every anthrax cases in domestic pet or human must be reported to a certain public health profession immediately
  2. Suit the supportive anthrax nursing care with anthrax types

Anthrax vaccine is available now. The vaccine number is in small number. Nowadays the vaccine is only given for army and nothing for civil.

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