If there is a person with face paralysis suddenly, they should be referred to the closest ET. According the latest study, the treatment of Bells Palsy is effective first 3 days earlier after first symptoms are appear.

Although without special medication, Bells Palsy could be fully recovered. Bell’s palsy in children recovers faster, why is it so? Please read Bells Palsy in Children? Dont Your Worry about It! The treatment of Bells Palsy focus are to fasten the recovery and to prevent Bells Palsy complications. Please read  the Bell’s Palsy Nursing Care as well.

Treatment of Bells Palsy

Some of treatment for Bells Palsy are as follows;

  • Prednisone. This medication is recommended as affective Bells palsy medication. This medicine must be taken 72 hours after the Bells Palsy diagnosis. This medicine will be prescribed for 10 days and it is taken three times a day.
  • Antivirus. Till today, antivirus medication for Bells Palsy is in debate. Although, doctor might prescribe antivirus or prednisone-antivirus combination for severe facial paralysis.
  • Eye Care. One of Bells Palsy symptoms, the patient cannot close their eye lid. This condition makes the tear evaporated, so the eye could be dry and risky for infection. Tear plays important role to protect and maintain the eye from dirt and bacteria. Doctor will prescribe eye drop for day prescription and ointment for night prescription.
  • Physiotherapy. Physiotherapist will teach patient with Bells Palsy some exercise that could strengthen the face muscle. This is performed for increasing the coordination and range of motion. This treatment is helpful for patients with Bells Palsy.
  • Botox. Especially for severe chronic Bells palsy, Botox injection can be prescribed to cure the affected face. This treatment of Bells Palsy has a purpose to relax the face muscle and to reduce involuntary muscle movement. This injection also can make the face muscle balance, reduce the uncomfortable feeling during meal, and increase the whole face appearance. Botox injection need to be performed once for 4 months.
  • Plastic Surgery. The surgeon can overcome the face weakness or paralysis. Even though the operation procedure cannot bring back the nerve into normal, but it can protect the eye and fix the face appearance, mouth position, talking, eating, drinking, and the balance of face shape.
  • Other Bells Palsy Treatments. Relaxation and acupuncture technique can help fasten the Bells Palsy recovery and bring back the facial nerve into normal condition.